Meditation Steps

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Meditation and Yoga Retreats

Benefits of Meditation


Meditation requires good concentration, and we teach how to focus the mind in our practices. (Find more meditation retreats on When your mind is concentrated, you will experience clarity, heightened energy, intellectual productivity, and original ideas. As the restless mind is tamed, you will have greater control over your thinking and emotions. As a result, making decisions becomes easier, you waste less energy on trivial things, and you have more dedication to achieve your objectives.

 Creativity and Intuition

Intuition is the core element of every creativity and ingenuity. After silencing the turbulent sea of superficial thoughts, you can access the mind’s imagination and intuition. 

By exercising and developing deeper layers of mind, we acquire a subtle appreciation of art and poetry, a capacity to create new ideas, understand philosophy, solve day-to-day problems, and live in the present.

Life and Relationships

Meditation enhances internal energy, brings the brain into a state of concentration, and provides quality rest for the body and mind. As a result, one has a sharper sense of other people’s ambiance, moods, joys, and sorrows, leading to a deeper understanding and ability to create relationships and correct emerging problems at their initial stage.


We combine meditation, yoga, yogic dances (Kaosiiki, Tandava, and Lalita Marmika), and sattvic vegetarian diet, and a yogic lifestyle. This unique combination of yogic practices creates dynamism and enhances our overall mental and physical health. The meditation retreats allow experiencing all the health and spiritual benefits in a safe and joyous environment. Check out for more spiritual retreats. 

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Apart from the meditation retreats, we also teach meditation on an appointment basis. If you would like to learn personal meditation, please fill out the contact form. After submitting the contact form, you will see our email and telephone and can contact us directly to check for availability to meet.