Covid19 Guidelines Summer 2022


The Meditation Steps USA and Canada Team strives to maintain a safe environment during our retreats, especially during the ongoing health crisis. We will monitor the infection rate situation and adjust our policies accordingly. During a meditation retreat, we want to be able to relax and enjoy our time together. Social distancing is not practical when we are together in retreat. Having a test before traveling or upon arrival can help to ensure everyone’s safety during the event. As of now (Feb 2022), we require all participants attending our in-person retreats to take a Covid19 test before traveling or upon arrival, whether vaccinated or not. Participants can email the test result or bring it with them when they come to the retreat. The teachers will also take Covid tests. 

Face coverings and proof of vaccination are not required for our retreats. However, in the unlikely event that you get sick during the retreat (with any infectious disease), you will have to quarantine to avoid making others sick. 

We want everyone to be healthy during our retreats. Therefore, if you need to cancel your participation due to sickness, we will refund your retreat fee. 


General Health Advice:


  1. Travel if you are in good health. If you are immune-compromised or at significant risk, if you contracted Covid19, please consider staying home. Especially the older generation participants are recommended to carefully consider if traveling is safe.  
  2. If you are sick, or someone in your family or workplace has been recently ill with Covid19 or any other infectious disease, monitor your health if you start developing any symptoms. Take a Covid19 test before traveling to the retreat. 
  3. Monitor your health daily before traveling. Watch out for fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of Covid19. If you have any doubt, do a Covid19 rapid home test again.