Online Meditation Retreat

April 8 – 10, 2022

When the Pandemic started, we thought that online retreats would not be inspiring and would discontinue as soon as things opened up. But once we tried the online retreats, we realized advantages justifying continuing with some online retreats even after many of the Pandemic restrictions have been lifted. Some of the benefits include: 

  • We can have contributors present that would otherwise not have been able to travel to one location. 
  • There are hardly any extra costs except everyday living expenses such as food, electricity, internet, etc.  
  • Participants can meet with the teachers and get to know them and the practices before committing to a retreat fee and travel costs. 
  • If you follow the schedule, you will likely experience improved meditation and other benefits. 
  • Those who are busy can attend a part of the program without taking leave from work or family commitments. 

Bearing those things in mind, we warmly invite you to attend our online meditation retreat from April 8 – 10, 2022. Dada Diiptimanananda, Dada Shiilabhadranan, Didi Ananda Acira, and Dada Kovid will lead and give the classes and workshops during the retreat. We will be sending you more information in the coming weeks related to the specific class topics and details of the schedule, but we encourage you to register now and save time for this event. The retreat schedule will be according to time zones best suited to the Americas (UTC -4 to -8)

Some of the highlights and features of the retreat will be:

  • Kiirtana and Collective Meditation two to four times a day
  • Cooking class
  • Breaks for going out for fresh air, meals, and resting
  • Classes and workshops related to meditation, healthy yogic living, and spiritual philosophy
  • Interactive sessions using the “breakout rooms” on Zoom
  • Get to know the teachers and other people interested in meditation from various places
  • Yoga classes once or twice a day

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