I’ve enjoyed every moment with you all and so full of love now that there is no room for other words to say, except BABA NAM KEVALAM!  Thank you everyone. Looking forward to next time together.

Gaush Urvan

The overall experience was great. The schedule was very well organized which made it easier. All the four classes were amazing, and my wish is that everyone in the world should know this knowledge. This can make everyone’s life easier. Thank you to all the Didi and Dadas to make this into a wonderful experience.


This is the best online retreat that I ever had. I feel fully immersed, the breakout room is really a good way to use for sharing and they really facilitated so well. I love the cooking class, I am looking forward for retreat like this, I feel this online retreat is as good as an in-person retreat. All the talks were very profound, everything was just marvelous. I want to thank so much to the Dadas and Didi.

Sananda, Alabama

I enjoyed this retreat very much, all the classes, group discussion, and a lot of knowledge that I have learnt. Even I watch many videos, and still from the class I learnt new things, which gave me a better understanding about the life cycle and meditation. In the beginning I felt like I missed something but the more listening to the class and the more doing meditation together, I feel something has changed. I would like to thank to Dadas and Didi for this opportunity to learn more knowledge. One more thing, I really like the cooking class, I think the food is so delicious and very tempting. 


This is our first online retreat we have attended. It was very nice, very calming, cooling down our mind, learning so many things, so for me it is so beneficial, thank you very much. I really enjoyed the yoga and the cooking class, over all it was very nice experience. Thank you Didi, Dadas, and all wonderful attendees. What positive energy of love!

Hoshi & Baku, Atlanta

Thank you very much, Dadas and Didi. It was very inspiring, all the topics of the classes were very interesting and deep so I wish I can watch the videos again, if the recording can be available. 

Gytis, Michigan

It was a wonderful weekend, I feel is like an echo. I love all the classes, the cooking, the meditation, and everything is just wonderful, I feel very grateful for that, thank you.


Everything was very well organized, such a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed the cooking, the asana and the kiirtan. I feel I got a good company and we are coming together. The meditation together with everyone was so wonderful. I will share this beautiful experience to the people that I meet from tomorrow. Thank you very much.

Gayatri, UK

Namaskar everyone. I just want to share my gratitude to all the participants, to organizer Dadas and Didi, I really feel the sincerity. I feel this is very important in every sphere of life, I think this is the very basis, thank you for a very genuine experience. These past three days I feel very real and sincere to me, so thank you for that. I really that we had a very nice team, thank you for making possible, a very nice satsaunga.

Niirmal, CA

I feel very lucky to get a chance to be with you to share, the group was amazing, I want to thank the Dada and Didi especially. I think the timing was perfect, I really love that you stick to the schedule. Everything is well done and perfect, thank you very much. Namaskar.

Vincent, Ireland

Thank you thank you Dada and mostly Didi, thank you so much I really enjoyed your cooking class. I like to thank you all. Dada Shiilabhadrananda thank you, you inspired me so much, I have taken my yoga class for long time and I learn astaunga yoga for long time but I had no class on what is next after we get this knowledge and to accomplish enlightenment and what we do with it. We should do service as you said. And thank you for Icelandic Dada who I have big following on Meditation Steps channel and I’m singing along with, and tiny green Island is basically for Ireland, the air here is very sound, so thank you for having us.


Thank you Didi, thank you Dadas, I really love this weekend it is just so wonderful. I also love your cooking class Didi, so looking forward to that email. And the kirtan was so wonderful, I really enjoy the guided meditation. I thought the structure was very good, very well laid out. And I appreciated the participation that we have not a very large group. I also feel the presentation that you guys have, I know that you covered a lot of content, it was very clear, and you answered all of our questions.
To echo feedback that others shared, this weekend was so thoughtfully structured and organized. The three of you have such a wonderful chemistry together, even over zoom (which I know can be difficult!) I especially enjoyed the philosophy classes and kirtan / meditation. Your kirtan is very soothing. The positive energy and vibrations are palpable!

I am just very grateful for this weekend, thank you so much everyone for being here, thank you Didi and Dadas.


I have to give a great complement to the Dadas and Didi, the whole 3 days I have impression that you are very very present here somehow in the room. I like the schedule, the information and the class time 1 hour or 1 hour 15 minutes- its good, its digestible. Thank you very much.

Manas, Germany

I just want to say a big, big thank you to everybody, to the Dadas, Didi, and all participants, thanks for their energy as well it’s so beautiful thank you. And I feel very gently guided into the Ananda Marga. The cooking, kirtan, and the questions are answered, everything has been really balanced and very nice. Thank you so much… I actually also feel very blissful and very still during the retreat, I really enjoyed myself.

Maggie O’Loughlin (Gayatri)

I’m so grateful for 4 days being with you and this is being so joyful moment… I like very much what you had said Didi when you cook, we have to do something from your heart. Thank you Dada Diiptimananda for your music, it is so beautiful and like your kirtan I feel ohhh like something …. And I always remember Dada Shiilabhadrananda for your guided meditation.

Lika Bendeliani

It is my first retreat, but I really like everything in the retreat. I have the feeling now that I gain something, from this retreat. I have the interest to know more about the different projects in different countries like Master Unit. I want to know on how we can keep in touch for the future program. Thank you very much for everything.

Hanna Kotesopey

The Meditation Steps retreat was a life-changing experience. It completely surpassed all my expectations. The meditation and yoga techniques that we learned are simple, yet powerful. Since the retreat I have been doing the practices twice a day, and they have brought about a deep feeling of inner peace and joy in my life. I recommend it to anyone who wants to take their meditation practices to the next level.

Our teachers were Dada Diiptimanananda and Didi Ananada Acira, and they were excellent. They have devoted their lives to teaching and their passion and enthusiasm really showed. The lessons happened very organically. They were more like discussions than lectures, and that made for an ideal learning environment. Whether instructing us as a group or individually, they encouraged us to ask questions and they answered them eagerly.

The setting was incredible. The Prama Retreat Center is a beautiful domed building set on a hill, surrounded by woods on a 100 acre plot of land. There are trails going all throughout, and we enjoyed daily walks (and sometimes jogged) through the beautiful scenery with Dada Diiptimanananda. It was the perfect place to meditate.

It was really inspiring being around like-minded people. The other students were so sincere and eager to learn that waking up for the 5AM meditation was not difficult at all. In fact, I really looked forward to it. There is no better way to start the day than with an early morning kirtan and meditation, especially when you are in the company of good people.

All-in-all, I can’t imagine a retreat going any better. There was no dogma, just pure, practical tools that are designed to lead you to bliss. If you are considering going to one of the Meditation Steps retreats, stop considering and just do it. You won’t regret it.

Alban (Arpan) Toci
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