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Volunteering in Ananda Marga

The twin motto is Ananda Marga is “Self-Realization and Service to the Universe.” They are like two sides of one piece of paper. One cannot separate one from the other. Doing selfless service purifies our minds. This pure mind enables us to enjoy deeper meditation practice.

There are numerous ways in which to do service. Ananda Marga members, all over the world, devote their spare time to render service in their locality and beyond. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, the founder of Ananda Marga, commented that the best way to promote the teachings of Ananda Marga is by doing constructive work.

There are different levels of membership in Ananda Marga. Most members are family men and women with jobs and care for their families while undertaking spiritual practices. They are called Ananda Margiis, or Margiis in short.

Local Full Timers (LFTs) are spiritual volunteers who work locally to assist the Dada or Didi in their work. Their commitment is usually for one year. Whole Timers (WTs) are Acaryas (spiritual monks and nuns, Sannyasis) who dedicate their lives to meditation and selfless service. They are assigned anywhere in the world to create Ananda Marga members and take up service work according to the needs of the area.

Ananda Marga is a volunteer-based organization. Volunteers sometimes get some basic living allowance but not a full salary. We meet our expenses by conducting retreats, seminars, courses, and training. In some places, there are self-sufficient commerce projects (bakeries, vegetarian restaurants, health food stores, selling of products from our organic farms, etc.). In this way, members live a spiritually based life and, at the same time, support themselves and others if possible.

We are always looking for volunteers. If you wish to become one, please contact your local Dada or Didi and make a plan for how to do volunteer work. Alternatively, contact our Sectorial Office in New York for details of Ananda Marga units and activities throughout North America.

Local Full Timer (LFT) Training


The acronym LFT stands for “Local Full Timer.” An LFT is a spiritual volunteer. They work without a salary for at least one year in an Ananda Marga project in their state, province, or country. They usually live with the Acarya in a Jagrti. It is a wonderful opportunity to grow spiritually and to go deeper into spiritual practices.

To become an LFT, one should undergo training and pass a final exam that certifies one’s competence to perform the LFT duty. The academic exam is not the main criteria for being an LFT. It is more the inculcation of sadhana in our daily life, leading a disciplined spiritual life, and engaging ourselves in as much service to society as possible, which are the most defining qualities of an LFT. Of course, intellectual knowledge is necessary to convince others of the spiritual-based lifestyle and path of Ananda Marga.

Becoming an LFT requires no academic qualification, social status, or previous experience in meditation. One requires sincerity to become a better medium through which the Supreme Consciousness can manifest Itself.

LFT Training for Brothers

Date: January 5-February 21, 2024

Place: Los Altos Hills Jagrti, California

NB. This training is for brothers only. For sisters (women), please contact Didi Ananda Acira at +1 347 530 4425, anandaacira@gmail.com for more information about the possibility of attending the sister’s LFT training.

Trainers: Dada Diiptimanananda, SOS New York Sector (in person)

Dada Shiilabhadrananda, SB/PCAP New York Sector (online)

Recommended Preparation Materials

 Please listen to the Meditation Steps YouTube Channel: the “16 Points” and “Yama and Niyama” playlists.

It will be beneficial to read those books before attending the training. You can also read them during the training if you cannot finish before the training. 

  • A Guide to Human Conduct
  • Ananda Marga Elementary Philosophy
  • The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism
  • CaryaCarya Parts 1, 2, 3
  • Yoga Psychology
  • Proutist Economics

The books are available on:


Please contact Dada Diiptimanananda or Dada Shiilabhadrananda for more details on the training.